I’m Still That Little Girl

Colors and words sing and dance
to the rhythm of my heart, my spirit, my being.
They become the ultimate expression
for my life journey, my perspective, and my feelings.

I create art and poetry from the purest part
of who I am – at my core.
In all the moments when I feel lost, alone, and afraid,
I try to remind myself of who I was – before.

Before all of the hardships,
life traumas, and loss.
Before I grew up,
and my childhood innocence was lost.

I’m still that little girl
deep down inside,
Staring at the world
with wonder,
and mesmerized eyes.

I still get excited about
lightning and thunder,
and rainbows after the rain.
I still love to jump in puddles,
stare up at the moon, and stars,
and make snowmen on snow days.

I still love to lay down
and stare up at the clouds in the sky,
daydream about life,
and what it would be like to fly.

I still get excited for fun in the sun,
and playing in the warm water.
I still feel so much love inside my heart
just to be my parents’ daughter.

I still love to camp in the mountains,
go for hikes, and make smores around the fire.
I love to live, and I live to love,
create art, write, teach, and inspire.

I love to give homemade gifts
because those were my favorite to get growing up.
I love to spend time around those dearest to my heart
because memories fill up my cup.

I love to bake homemade cookies
because my grandma’s were my favorite.
I love westerns and football on Sundays
because that’s what my early days were made of.

I love the smell of lilacs in spring,
my grandpa’s garage where he worked,
and my grandparents’ swimming pool chlorine.
My joy and happiness in every memory
will forever make my heart sing.

I love to remember all the ways
I love and adore my life,
And I’m still that little girl
deep down inside-
who can’t wait to go play outside.

-Tanielle Childers © 5.1.22

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