Opened Wide

My new set of eyes-
My new perspective,
Opened wide-
On my own precious life.
They cry more.
They crave more.
They hold more-
Life inside the lens.
They feel more.
They’ve seen more.
They know more-
Truths that aren’t pretend.
They radiate gratitude
To their ultimate capacity.
They overfill and spill-over
One by one by one
With pure love,
And transparency.
They see life’s flaws-
And quickly dismiss them.
They witness faults,
And feel love,
And forgiveness.
For we are only human.
They see love and kindness-
And they light up,
And sparkle with a brightness.
They see pain, and age,
And a weakened body
Struggling to stand upright.
But they offer grace
In the face of defeat-
Knowing this sight-
Won’t be her last fight.
They see a new fire
And a fierceness
Behind her tired gaze,
And they raise it-
For cancer
Has seen its final day
And there’s no time
Left to be wasted.
Get busy planting every seed
And pray to watch it grow.
And water your hopes
Your dreams,
Your family, and everything
That matters to you so.
This life goes by faster
Than the blink of an eye.
And my new eyes
Are opened wide.

-Tanielle Childers ©️ 5.29.22

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