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A Beautiful Shade of Broken

36″x36″ acrylic on canvas by Tanielle Childers © 2018 In the early stages of painting this piece (36″x36″ acrylic on canvas), the words “She was a beautiful shade of broken” kept coming into my mind over and over again – and stayed with me throughout the rest of my painting process. When I was finished painting, I had some downtime to pause and reflect on what those words and this painting meant for me. I remember sitting at work the very next morning – and it all came full circle. The… Read more A Beautiful Shade of Broken


Rising Again – The Strength of the Human Spirit 18″x24″ acrylic on panel by Tanielle Childers © 2018 Original is SOLD “GRIEF” Waves of grief Break you down Time and time again, And it’s up to you To find a way through it- Whether you crawl, walk or swim. Dig deep, for strength lies Far below the surface Below your sorrow, Anger and insecurities- Below where your heart Now painfully bleeds- And beneath the sadness That makes it so hard to breathe. Release the weight of your sorrow And allow… Read more Grief

Art in the Park 2017

Thank you from my heart to all who came out to Art in the Park over the weekend! It was an incredible show and weekend and I met so many amazing people. I genuinely and wholeheartedly loved getting to talk with everyone one on one. Seeing people connect to my art in such a positive way – seeing them smiling, excited and inspired…is priceless and a profound reminder to me that no matter how difficult this path may sometimes be, it is the path I was meant to be on.… Read more Art in the Park 2017

The Heart of this Life

My heart falls to the lowest of lows When a life is lost that I love. But my heart, too, feels the highest of highs When I’m filled with immense gratitude and love. I am passionate about the heart of this life And every journey here on earth. I speak openly of life and death And all that I have learned. All of the moments spent with family and friends Are times I treasure most. I hold onto those with all of my heart And keep them very close. In… Read more The Heart of this Life

Rising Again

Starting over is a far cry from easy- There are days when it feels harder than it needs to be. Moments when life feels as though it’s defeating me. Deflating me. Cheating me. Making me fight just to keep the peace in me. Shadowing the light I try to keep alive inside of me. Days when giving up feels like the easier choice to me. Just rolling over and letting life get the very best of me. Giving in and allowing the tough times to conquer me. But, that’s not… Read more Rising Again

My Bright Shooting Star

  This is a poem about miscarriage … I recently miscarried for a second time … on my 41st birthday. The heartbreak doesn’t ever get any easier (for any of us) and every day brings different emotions in the grieving process. So often, miscarriages are suffered in silence. I’m on a mission to break the silence by sharing my heart and journey with those who have also suffered. In honor of every parent who has grieved or are currently grieving the loss of their baby, my heart and prayers go… Read more My Bright Shooting Star

My 2nd Ultrasound – Pregnant at 40

My second ultrasound On June 22nd Twenty-seventeen Your dad and I nervously Awaiting the news- In silence, we stared at the screen. This week, we saw little, tiny, beautiful you In the form of an itty bitty yolk. Our initial excitement- Transformed into heartbreak- When the technician finally spoke. Your baby is measuring 6 weeks and 3 days You’d grown so much in just 1 week…. But the words she spoke next …. crumbled me. Leaving me numb at the thought of a repeat … “I’m so sorry, your baby has… Read more My 2nd Ultrasound – Pregnant at 40