Be Still My Heart

Dear Caleyo,

Life’s precious
Are fleeting-
Your tiny feet
While squealing,
And running
All throughout
Our tiny house…

Be still, my heart.

Your giggles
And wiggles
And more.
Your sentences
And sassiness,
With occasional
And barking
On all fours.

Your grumbles
And mumbles
Growls and sighs.

Your tiny little voice,
And adorable pouting face
With half-closed eyes.

Your deep voice – singing,
And ukulele strumming-
While leaning into your mic.

Your drumsticks-
In the form of
Two chopsticks,
Banging and clanging
On everything in sight.

Pwaying bwocks ,
Watching Grizzly
Or Gabby,
And going outside.

Pretend cooking-
Making coffee and cake
In your mini kitchen
Not far from mine.

And cuddling.
Breakfast, cartoons,
And morning bath time.

These precious
Life moments-
Are God’s greatest gifts
To be cherished for
A lifetime!

I’m grateful
For every
Single moment
I get to spend
Right by your side.

Be still, my heart!

I love you forever
And always!
I love you forever
In ALL ways!

Love, Mom

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