Super Women

From all social media
She laid low
The life she lived
She took back
And made it her own
No more show
And tell
She fell
To the world around her
Let solidarity and peace
Surround her
She was no longer
Bound to her
Need to please
Need for acceptance
Need to somehow
Prove her self worth
She aimed to
Please herself by
Doing things
She knew might
Fill her heart
With joy and love
Her rising above
Society’s unrealistic
Of what a woman
And mother
Should look like and be
Are human
And yes, we are
Super women
But not by
Society’s definition
We are
Perfectly imperfect
Just the way we are
In the now
With every one of
Our hard earned
Tiger stripes
And scars
And we are
In our every shape
And size
As our amazing bodies
Throughout our lives
I hereby declare
We are
Our own prize
And we deserve
To respect
And love ourselves
For far more
Than just our outsides

—Tanielle Childers ©️ March 2021

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