Midnight Sky

There’s something magical-
About a midnight sky…
Blanketed by stars;
A million dancing little lights.

The soft glow of the crescent moon-
The silky haze of the Milky Way.
There’s something beautiful
In the thought-
That half of the world’s dreams
Will soon be underway.

There’s something peaceful-
About the cool midnight air.
A calming and soothing energy-
A time of gratitude, reflection,
And prayer.

There’s a spiritual shift-
When the bustling day
Finally winds down,
And transforms into night.
It’s the perfect time-
To wish upon a star…
To snuggle up close,
And tuck your loved ones in-
Just right.

There’s something magical
About a midnight sky…
Silent within our own thoughts,
And millions of prayers
Reaching up towards the heavens-
Each night.

There’s a magic-
Comforting us from way up high;
A twinkling beacon of hope-
Watching over this side of the world-
Until the next sun begins to rise-

Life is a gift!

-Tanielle Childers ©️ 1/19/21

18″ x 24″ acrylic on board © Tanielle Childers

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