Dear Dason – 3 Years Ago Today

Dear Dason,

Three years ago today-
We learned of your passing.
Our sweet baby-to-be
Gone from this earth,
To life everlasting.

Born to be an angel,
On golden wings, you took flight.
Soaring freely
Through the sky.
Up to the heavens-
Up to the light.

Your life-
A beautiful gift.
One of hope
And of promise.
Your passing-
A humbling reminder
Of all the blessings
Still upon us.

This life-
Is so precious,
So fragile,
So salty-sweet.
Filled with moments
That clench our hearts,
Steal our breath,
Make us weep.
Rendering us helpless-
Unable to speak…

And of moments
Filled with magic,
Pure joy,
Love and light.
Sweet memories,
And reverie
To help carry us
Through each night.

Life is a gift,
I will celebrate today-
In loving memory
Of our Dason-
Born an angel
On this day.

-Tanielle Childers © August 10, 2015

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