To let go
Of the struggles
That weigh you down.

To breathe new life
Into your weathered
Or broken spirit.

To free your mind
From the clutter
And chaos that fill it.

To celebrate your life,
The gift of a new day,
A new dawn,
A new you.

To reflect on life,
To give thanks to God
For the blessings
That surround you.

To renew your faith,
Your inner strength,
Your sense of self,
Your belief in you.

And be prepared
To be broken down-
Only to be built back up
Into so much more.

Just run today….
Because tomorrow,
You might not get the chance.
Tomorrow may never come.

-Tanielle Childers © July 22, 2014


(and if you don’t run – find that ‘thing’ that makes you feel alive – and go and do that.)


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