In Loving Memory of Grandma Mac

This poem was written for my beautiful grandma, Geraldine Mae McLaughlin, who was more like a best friend. I wanted to honor her and her life by reading this poem at her funeral — I still miss her dearly. Whenever I had a new poem or painting to share – I wanted to share them with her!

On Thursday, February 27th
The beautiful morning sun rose
And at 7:30 a.m.
Jesus carried you home.

Six days later at Ash Wednesday Mass
On March 5, 2014
The kids and I sat in the back of the church
Unaware of the emotions the service would bring.

I thought I saw you with your silvery hair
As I quietly knelt down to pray.
Knowing for certain it couldn’t be you,
I did my best to tuck my tears away.

The sorrow swallowed my heart many times.
I felt your spirit tugging at me.
The memories of you kept flooding back.
Your passing is so surreal and hard to believe.

I desperately miss your hugs and your smile
And all of our moments spent together.
But my gratitude for the times we were given,
Truly cannot be measured.

Thank you for a lifetime – of memories filled with you.
For the love you gave and life lessons you taught;
For all of the cookies you made
And the laughter you brought.

For the hamper filled with toys
When we were all young.
For our fond childhood memories
Spent out back playing in the sun.

For four-wheeling, camping,
Hiking and walking,
Roasting marshmallows, star gazing,
Awaking to hot morning coffee.

For your yummy potato salad
And your delicious, fresh-baked pies.
For garage sailing, ARC thrifting
And exciting bargain finds

For game nights, card playing,
Popcorn and Busch Light.
For our talks about life,
And your guidance and insight.

For every holiday and birthday
We celebrated together.
Your life keeps on living
Within our memories forever.

Thank you for your compassion, wisdom,
Support and forgiveness.
Your love keeps on loving,
For your spirit lives within us.

We miss you dearly,
But thank our Heavenly Father for your life.
You truly were the very best
Mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister and wife.

-Tanielle Childers (Tilly) © 2014

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