Tree of Life

Tree of life-
Rooted, grounded,
And founded
On love.
Built with our hopes,
And dreams,
And a future team of-
Unified strength
And rising above-
The challenges,
Battles and difficulties
We’ll face.
Together, we’re better
For life’s uphill race.

Beautiful beginnings.
A family-
With children
In the making.
Each one precious,
Each birth, breathtaking.
In awe, overjoyed,
And so overcome-
By the miracle of life,
The power of love.
So much gratitude,
And appreciation
For our family who
Surrounds us,
Grounds us,
And blankets us
In their prayers.
Together, with God,
We will always
Rise above
Life’s many layers.

For seasons of change,
They will come.
And they will pass.
A steady stream
Of normalcy,
And time racing by
Too fast.
Taking moments
For granted.
But knowing-
Normal never lasts.
Life can change,
In the blink of an eye.
Tell those you love-
And that you
Love them for life.
Reach out and hug them.
Hold onto them tight.
Count your blessings
When you’re with them,
And be grateful-
For every moment
Of this magnificent life.

Generations of our ancestors,
Rooted, grounded,
And founded
On an abundance of love.
Our Tree of life.
Our beautiful family.
Eternally grateful to our
Heavenly Father above.

-Tanielle Childers © 1.25.22

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