To My Children –

To the best and most beautiful creations of my life

In such uncertain times, with the fires consuming our beautiful state of Colorado, with Covid #s rising again and with the looming presidential election upon us creating so much negativity and divisiveness….these life moments feel more fleeting to me than ever before!

Our time here is but a blink and so are these precious moments with our children and loved ones – which I’ve been guilty of taking for granted time and time again. I want nothing more than to comfort my children and reassure them of more certain times ahead, not really knowing what that looks or feels like. I feel helpless in so many ways as a mom. I’m doing my best, but have I done enough??? That question keeps me up at night! My kids are 16, 12 and 18 months. I lie next to our youngest at night, watching her sleep … and wish I could go back in time and spend more time with my older 2 doing the same…..these moments are truly life’s greatest treasure.

Art has had to take a back seat (and I miss it terribly), but I still have time to write poetry as I lie in bed with a mind that refuses to rest … this poem came to me the other night and would not leave me until I wrote (texted) it down in a message to myself … and then to our oldest 2. It’s so important to always let them know how you feel and to say it often because you just never know what tomorrow holds.

To my children – the best and most beautiful creations of my lifetime:

If I could…
I’d hug you tight.
I’d snuggle and cuddle you
Through the night.

I’d comfort you-
And hold you close.
I’d rub your face,
And kiss your nose.

I’d bring you peace,
And let you rest.
I’d pause the world-
And take your stress.

I’d make your every
Dream come true.
I’d squeeze your hand-
And celebrate you!

I’d remind you
Of all the wonderful ways-
You brighten my world
On the darkest of days.

I’d look into
Your beautiful eyes-
And tell you, “I love you!”
A hundred more times.

I’d hug you close-
And never let go.
I’d freeze the moments
And never grow old.

If I could…
Go back in time,
I’d spend more hours
With your hand in mine.

I’d play with you,
And sing with you.
I’d dance the whole night
Through with you.

We’d walk and talk
And stare up at the sky,
And watch the clouds
And world go by.

We’d wish upon
Every twinkling star-
Soaking in every moment
Right where we are.

We’d giggle and laugh
The whole day through-
Telling dad jokes & bad jokes,
And mom jokes, too.

If I could…
Go back in time-
I’d make more moments
For your heart and mine.

I love you more than
All the stars that shine.
I’m your biggest fan & I’ll always-
Carry your heart in mine.

I will love you forever
And always…
I will be proud of you forever
In ALL ways!

I 💜 you most,


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