Rising Again - The Strength of the Human Spirit, small
Rising Again – The Strength of the Human Spirit 18″x24″ acrylic on panel by Tanielle Childers © 2018 Original is SOLD


Waves of grief
Break you down
Time and time again,
And it’s up to you
To find a way through it-
Whether you crawl, walk or swim.

Dig deep, for strength lies
Far below the surface
Below your sorrow,
Anger and insecurities-
Below where your heart
Now painfully bleeds-
And beneath the sadness
That makes it so hard to breathe.

Release the weight of your sorrow
And allow your heart to cry.
Break down your wall-
And allow yourself to feel
And move through the emotions
You’ve locked away inside.

For a time – it feels as though
All the good in life has died.
It feels like the darkness
Will forever transcend the light.
But releasing this heartache
Will ease your burden,
And soon you’ll be alright.

Find comfort in knowing
You’re not alone.
And it’s okay not to be okay-
Every second of every day.
You don’t always have to remain strong
In grieving, there is no right or wrong.
Take my hand and together we’ll forge on.

One foot in front of the other-
One baby step at a time.
Believe me when I tell you,
There is no set timeline-
On when, how long
Or how often you will grieve.
Give yourself permission
To be held, to be loved and supported
In times when you feel weak.
Accept the same help
You offer up so eagerly-
And be patient,
God is mending your wings.

Allow your spirit to evolve,
Adapt and transform.
Breathe and allow yourself
The gift of being reborn-
A new chapter, a new way,
A new norm.
Slowly, you will begin
To see a new light-
The beginning of a new day,
With a new you from the inside.

And when you find the courage
To stand tall and rise again-
Use your new found strength,
The compassion in your heart,
And the support
From your family and friends-

And have faith-
The sky is the limit with God in it.
He sat with you through darkness,
So you could see the light.
And He held your broken heart
As you mourned this loss of life.
And as you begin to emerge
From the darkness into the light,
God will be holding your hand
As you don your new wings
And take flight.

                                          -Tanielle Childers © 2018

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