The Heart of this Life

My heart falls to the lowest of lows
When a life is lost that I love.
But my heart, too, feels the highest of highs
When I’m filled with immense gratitude and love.

I am passionate about the heart of this life
And every journey here on earth.
I speak openly of life and death
And all that I have learned.

All of the moments spent with family and friends
Are times I treasure most.
I hold onto those with all of my hear
And keep them very close.

In times of grief, I reflect on my life
And dive in to understand.
Every day brings a brand new set of emotions
And I welcome them the best I can.

In allowing these emotions to move through me,
My heart is overcome by all that it feels.
But I’m giving my spirit permission to cry
And to take this time to heal.

When I fall, I fall hard.
I shake my fist at the sky and cry my way through-
But I love this life and the family I have
And I’ll stand tall again with strength anew.

I am moved to write down these moments as I feel them-
About the emotions that tug at my heart.
I believe our lives are about connecting with one another
We were not meant to go through it alone or apart.

Tanielle Childers © 2017

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