A Beautiful Shade of Broken

A Beautiful Shade of Broken
36″x36″ acrylic on canvas by Tanielle Childers © 2018

In the early stages of painting this piece (36″x36″ acrylic on canvas), the words “She was a beautiful shade of broken” kept coming into my mind over and over again – and stayed with me throughout the rest of my painting process. When I was finished painting, I had some downtime to pause and reflect on what those words and this painting meant for me. I remember sitting at work the very next morning – and it all came full circle. The words just started coming to me in pieces and I hastily scribbled them down onto a tiny sheet of scrap paper next to my keyboard ….. below is that very poem., “A Beautiful Shade of Broken”.

“A Beautiful Shade of Broken”

She is complex.
She is a survivor.
She can adapt-
Like a fish out of water.

She is fierce.
She is a fighter.
She has the heart of a lion;
The stripes of a tiger.

She swims through her sorrows.
She finds grace through her tears.
She carries life lessons
As wisdom through her years.

While her spirit is mending,
She is quiet and soft-spoken.
She becomes a rainbow after the storm.
She is a beautiful shade of broken.

-Tanielle Childers © April 2018


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