Rising Again

Starting over is a far cry from easy-
There are days when it feels harder than it needs to be.
Moments when life feels as though it’s defeating me.
Deflating me. Cheating me.
Making me fight just to keep the peace in me.
Shadowing the light I try to keep alive inside of me.
Days when giving up feels like the easier choice to me.
Just rolling over and letting life get the very best of me.
Giving in and allowing the tough times to conquer me.
But, that’s not how I want the story to end for me.
These hard times are breaking me down and allowing me to build a better me.
Teaching me new faith and strength and renewing my belief in me.
I know I have what it takes to be the best version of me I’m able to be.
I’ve never been one to give up so easily.
The dawn of a new day gives way to another fight for me.
One foot in front of the other towards the person I wish to be.
Acknowledging my emotions and taking time out for the healing of me.
Celebrating moments of every small victory.
Pausing to take in this beautiful world that surrounds me.
Feeling the love and support all around me.
I will take these broken wings and learn to fly – to defy gravity.
Today was a really tough day for me, but it will not be the last of me.
I’ll be back tomorrow to rise up again against the weak in me.
And push forward beyond my own negativity.
Letting go of this poor self image and all the doubts I have in me-
And run towards everything God put me on this earth to be.

-Tanielle Childers © 2017


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