My Heart Still Struggles With No

Sorrow creeps in
And grief rewinds
My heart jumps back in time …

The sadness settles,
The clouds hang low,
My heart still struggles with no!

I find myself seeing
And picking out names
As if I might some day, some way again ….

Give birth, give life,
Give my heart anew
To a miracle, a wonder, a life brand new.

But my reality does not
And will not attempt
To breathe life into this dream I have quietly kept.

My life had been paved
To pour into my two
My whole heart, my soul and all that I do.

It IS enough
And I’m beyond grateful to love
My two beautiful gifts from God up above.

This void in my heart
From the loss of our son, has become the same place
Where I humbly draw strength from.

-Tanielle Childers © April 17, 2015

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