TVHS Track – Running with an old friend

(I met up with an old friend today – the TVHS track) with my sweet little man (Korbin) in tow. I sure do love him so! This is the place where my days of running began …

Rain or shine, cold or hot,
Snow-packed or a single path cleared
The track was there – ready or not.

Hard work, sweat and many fallen tears-
Reflecting on life, love and loss-
And the value of our precious years.

The place where I could run and cry-
And stomp the pavement with my broken heart-
Wanting desperately to understand the ‘Why’!

It broke me down — clear down-
And took all of my breath away . . .
But running was better than that heartache-
That met me each waking day.

I ran to rebuild the broken me-
And over time my spirit grew.
I give thanks to God for loss, love and life
And His amazing grace as I continue.

-Tanielle Childers © April 9, 2015

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